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Contrary to some beliefs, today’s vehicles still need tune-ups to keep them performing at the most efficient levels. Sophisticated technology has made it seem like vehicles don’t need as many tune-ups and care. The fact is the way technicians have serviced your car has grown along with the development of vehicles. Computerized diagnostics can find underlying problems that need to be fixed to keep your car safe on the road.


Our certified tune-up service technicians are ready to put their experience to work for you, ensuring your vehicle is operating at an optimal level of performance.

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Performing regular maintenance, including scheduled auto tune-up service, helps ensure a long life for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will inspect your vehicle and, if necessary: 

  • Replace spark plugs, wires, and boots

  • Replace distributor cap

  • Replace distributor rotor

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Replace PCV valve

  • Replace oxygen sensor

  • Analyze exhaust emissions

  • Replace air filter

  • Perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection

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