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Oil Change Duration

Now let’s talk about why oil changes are so important. Not only does keeping your oil fresh keep your engine running in tip top shape, but modern-day cars use oil pressure to adjust the engine timing to maximize the gas milage to be as fuel efficient as possible. The oil passages for those systems are small. You want to keep your oil fresh and clean to make sure those passages stay clean and don’t clog up. Once the oil gets dirty it’s very hard to get the inside of the engine clean again. The highest cause of engine failure we see is caused by not getting regular oil changes. Some vehicle manufacturers claim you can go longer on oil changes to save pennies. This may be true while you’re under your manufacturer’s warranty period, but once that’s done, now you own a 100k mile car with an engine that’s had prolonged oil changes and the inside of the engine is starting to sludge up. We strongly recommend oil changes every 5k miles for a synthetic blend oil, and 6k miles for a full synthetic oil. Remember this blog post the next time you think about pushing an oil change past the recommended milage.

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