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It's spring now! What changes with your car?

Welcome to springtime! The sun stays up late enough to say goodnight and the sun wakes you up on your Easterly drive to work. The grass is starting to grow and yard work is just around the corner. Your landscaping will need some help recovering from the long winter months of being covered by the white stuff we call snow! No this isn’t a landscaping blog. This blog post is to help transition your vehicle from winter to summer with some spring maintenance! First off, once the white stuff is finally off the road you should go get a car wash with a good underbody blast. No, we aren’t talking about snow, this time we mean salt. Salt lingering under your vehicle will continue to rust the under side of your car all summer long, and we all know what rust can do to a Michigan automobile. The second thing we recommend is getting your air conditioning system serviced. Much like your grass, this system has been dormant for months and needs some help getting ready for the super-hot days of summer. Another good idea would be to check your air filter and your cabin air filter. Mice love to spend the winter months causing havoc in your car’s filtration systems. You would be surprised to know that some people are breathing in dust and mouse droppings from a lack of checking their cabin air filters. What about tires; what happens to tires in the spring? The exact opposite of what happened when the temps began to drop of course! The air pressure starts to rise. Once the hot months start to warm up the earth your tires also experience a change in temperature and the air pressure will increase. This means if you put air pressure in your tires when the cold months started to take hold, you now must let that air out. Check your drivers side door jamb for your factory recommended air pressure. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your springtime work. We are here to help in any way possible (except for landscaping jobs, we don’t offer that service)!

Also, one last thing! Call the shop to schedule your winter tires to summer tire swap!

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