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Why You Should Not Use Air Conditioning In a Can!

Few things are better than cold air blasting out of your car’s air conditioner on a hot summer day, but if the air blowing out of your AC unit is barely cool or lukewarm, your car’s AC needs a tune up. Though auto air conditioning repair seems like a simple job, your AC unit is quite complicated. Many parts need to work together in the correct sequence to produce and blast that nice cool air. So, if your car’s AC is barely keeping you cool, it may be time to bring it in for an inspection, but unfortunately most DIYers’ first choice is the AC in a can you can find pretty much anywhere.

Because automotive AC units are a closed rather than an open operating system, refrigerant levels should in theory never be low. But why not add some more just to be safe, right? Wrong, these systems run on a very exact charge amount. Too little or too much charge, your system will not operate. Most automotive experts agree that only a professional mechanic should perform AC repair and diagnosis. Tampering with the car’s AC unit is likely to cause more problems as the system is delicate and requires the expertise of a trained mechanic. Moreover, refrigerant fluid or “Freon” is a dangerous, potentially toxic chemical that needs to be handled with care. (Chemically speaking, today’s cars no longer use Freon due to its harm to the environment, but many people still call AC refrigerant Freon.)

Though auto parts stores sell refrigerant in a can for air conditioning units, most certified auto mechanics advise against using them. These cans suggest that you can solve your car’s AC problems by blasting more refrigerant into them. Topping of your AC unit isn’t a good idea because again, it is a closed system and was not designed for this. While use of these cans may temporarily solve this problem, they do not fix the leak (though some cans claim they do). Either way, your AC unit will need proper auto AC repair so there’s no sense messing around with them.

Though low refrigerant levels are the first thing that comes to mind when warm air instead of cold blows from the AC, it certainly isn’t the only possible cause of the problem. Another cause could be the AC system’s condenser, which won’t work properly if obstructions such as leaves, sticks or other debris are stuck to it. When the vehicle is turned off, and only then, brush off debris from the condenser to improve its functionality. You can even spray it down with a garden hose to rinse off accumulated gunk. A dirty cabin filter will also negatively impact the performance of the car’s AC unit so check that as well. A third possible problem could be with the compressor clutch system. Maintaining your vehicle’s AC system year-round will help it run stronger and longer. Unfortunately, most people only think of their AC unit when it’s hot outside. Running your AC every other week or so for a few minutes even during the cool months will help prevent the hoses, gaskets, and other components from drying out and cracking from lack of use. If you need our help to properly diagnose your AC issues, feel free to find the AC system coupon on our website and give us a call!

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