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$29.99 oil change vs. $58.99 oil change

In a world where price matters so much to a household, are you getting what you pay for from your oil change? Many households have 2 or 3 cars. So, wouldn’t it make sense to get the cheaper oil change from an instant oil change company? It’s convenient to drive up and get your oil changed by someone who might or might not be certified. It’s just oil, right? No, it’s not just oil. Oil is the blood of your engine. Last I checked, going to an under-certified doctor to get your blood work done wasn’t standard practice. It’s not just the changing of the oil that’s important when it’s time to get your oil changed.

That’s what this blog post is about. The cheap places do exactly what they say, they change your oil, and you roll out the door. That’s not the case with an oil change from Pro Motors Service! Not only do we change your oil with top-grade motor oil and a quality filter, but It’s also all about the inspection we perform when the car is in the air getting the oil changed. We can catch a problem before it becomes a much bigger issue.

Our trained and certified technicians completely comb through your car from top to bottom, identifying problems before they cost you more money in the long run. When you decide to spend a little extra money on an oil change with us, you get the warm feeling of knowing you’re taking care of your investment, and let’s face it, cars today are an investment you want to keep safe and reliable for many years to come. So, in summary, you could take your car to an instant oil change facility and get the cheap oil change and not know what’s happening under your car while you’re driving down the highway, or you could take your car to someone you trust who will give your car the check over it needs to insure the car is safe for you and your family. Not to mention saves you expensive repairs down the road.

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